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Batman and Harley Quinn – The trailer…

Love it or hate it, Harley Quinn was undoubtedly a highlight in last year’s controversial Suicide Squad movie. And the character’s growing popularity with fans is not lost on filmmakers. While Margot Robbie is now set to headline her own spinoff called Gotham City Sirens, Warner Bros Animation and DC Entertainment are hard at work to deliver fans an original animated movie, Batman And Harley Quinn.

The new direct-to-download film is based on an original story by DC animation legend Bruce Timm and looks to explore Batman’s relationship with the nutcase formerly known as Dr Harleen Quinzel. In the film, Batman and Nightwing begrudgingly team up and go on a road trip with Harley Quinn after Harley’s erstwhile BFF Poison Ivy decides to save the planet by destroying most of human life on it with the Floronic Man. Harley is untrustworthy and annoying to boot for the Dark Knight, but she may also be his best hope at saving the world, and delivering a surprisingly comical adventure along the way.

Yes you kow where to get the robes, slippers, bags lighting and more!


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