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Neons are hot property!

Says the Mail online with Pinterests lastest reveal…Pinterest says that neon signs are not just for dive-bars anymore. Bright glowing letters and symbols are popping up in homes across the globe.

So NEON, salt lamps and removable decor are all the rage!  Who knew and yes of course Groovy UK have plenty to choose from…

One of Groovys hottest neons has to be Harley Quinns ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’, with bags, robes, slippers and lines being added this range continues to be hot property!

Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force and with this Neon you will never be in the dark…  Darth Vaders range now includes sound chip slippers, Stocking, giftsack and even a sound chip Mood light. If you are a Darth Fan then these are for you!

Batman, continues to be the super hero of all super heroes with a following of all ages. With the Batman Neon you will never have a ‘dark night’ in your home, and if you love Batman then you will love the Batman projection light!

Projecting the iconic symbol over 20meters.


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