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Superman Clip-On Look-ALite

Batman Projection Light

Nat Teague- Senior Designer

My Background 
Proudly born and bred in Leicester I left my home town to study at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Having gained a BA (2.1 with Hons) I returned to put into practice what I’d learnt.
The initial years of my design career were spent honing my software, technical skills and print knowledge, working as a creative artworker in the POS industry. I then started looking for more challenging and varied roles in the design industry. I spent time as a museum and exhibition graphic designer, then went back into POS as the senior member of the graphic design team before, once again, stepping up another gear to become one of the senior designers at Groovy UK.
Why Groovy
Whats on the tin is exactly what’s in the tin. Groovy is groovy! We design products that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the market, which is why I just had to join.
What Inspires Me
Good Design! Great design! Incredible design! And, to be the designer that comes up with the idea that every other designer wishes they’d thought of.
The Idea Behind the Clip-on LAL
Having had a great response to the original LAL product, we knew we needed to expand the brand! A simple and effective way to do this was to create a mini version which would be cheaper for the end consumer but also offers a Look-ALite with a more ‘everyday use’, plus have an extra cute edition to the family!

Chris -Senior Designer

My Background 

I graduated from college in 2006 with a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design. In my first job at Lello Ltd, I created style guides and designed products which varied from baby toys to children’s paddling pools to luggage sets for ‘own brand’ product ranges for Tesco. During my 2nd job at Alpa Ltd,  I created licensed school stationery for brands such as Paul Frank, My Little Pony, Dunlop & Lonsdale, Nerf and many more kids licenses. I then moved onto designing bags for Paul Frank, Lonsdale, Kangol and Nerf. After a couple of years I felt it was time for a change and I started as a designer at Groovy UK.

Why Groovy

A mutual designer friend informed me of the role at Groovy and after reviewing the company, I knew I would fit in & do the job. I had previously worked on licensed products so I knew the industry and what it entailed. Groovy had much better licenses & products so I was immediately attracted and haven’t looked back since. We are constantly challenged and that’s what keeps me inspired.

What Inspires Me

Anything and everything can inspire me. I could find something anywhere in the world and create a product from it, which can be applied to one or several of our licenses. I have an open mind that enables me to think outside of the box so I can design out of the ordinary products and Groovy has been the first company that allows me to fully express my designs and bring them to life.

The Idea Behind the Batman Projection Light

During a business trip to China, I came across a wall plug projection night light in one of our lighting factory showrooms . The second I saw this light I instantly saw an image in my head of a Bat signal light being made using this projection lens. I quickly sketched the design ready to develop.

No one in the market has been able to successfully create a Bat signal light that works at long distances, as they solely relied on shadow casting the Bat logo on to the wall. This causes blurring and can only work at small distances. Using a projection lens means the Bat logo can be sharp, clean and crisp when projected onto the wall. In the space of 6 months we had fully developed the product, obtaining a top quality projection image of the Bat, which in testing reached a distance of 20 meters without blurring or losing image quality. This light has definitely been my best product design achievement to date.